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What are acetate eyeglass frames? | Bronze Optical Gallery Feature

Learn more about the benefits of acetate frames from brands like Laibach & York with Tim from Bronze Optical Gallery!


Most acetate frames or when you see acetate frames in a store are made from a plate of acetate, that's between three and five millimeters thick. And you can see that when I close the hinge here, how thin that acetate is kept it light and strong, but still flexible. When we look at the trend with doing these thicker acetate plates, first of all, it's a lot harder to work with this thicker material. And this is a 10-millimeter acetate plate from Laibach & York. So it has a much bolder look, a lot bigger and thicker looking from the top and from the sides. But it's also very well balanced. So it doesn't feel like a heavier frame. One thing that a lot of these independent companies really think about is how the frames are balanced from the front to the back. So if it feels as if the material is a little bit thicker on the front to add a little material to the back, to give it a nice balance so it doesn't really feel heavier, even though it looks a lot heavier.