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Trends In Eyewear 2021: Part 2-Bronze Optical Gallery

Learn more about eyewear trends in 2021 with Tim from Bronze Optical Gallery!

Laibach & York is a great company, from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Slovenia is a country in Eastern Europe, and I've got a friend named Blague there who makes handmade frames in Slovenia and does a lot of limited editions. So frames like the Amsterdam from Laibach & York are made in very limited quantities, so usually between two and twelve with any given color, and that's for the worldwide market. So there were twelve of this frame made. At Bronze Optical we have one of those. And this frame, the Paris. In this hot pink silk, this is actually a crystal clear frame with a layer of pink silk, and he made six of these. So again, for the worldwide market, there were only six of these pink frames made. I believe only two of them made it to the United States. And we have one of them here at Bronze Optical. And then I also wanted to talk about color from Laibach & York. And this is another trend you'll be seeing is a lot of colored crystals. So for the last few years, we've seen a big trend of crystal frames that are perfectly crystal clear or maybe have a little bit of a rose, tend to wear beige tint to them.

We're seeing a lot of crystal color, also a lot of intense colors, bright colors, but crystal clear. So that's another thing we're seeing a lot of. Again, this is a Laibach & York frame and is a brand new model, called Lisbon. And one more thing I wanted to feature from Laibach & York is their Washington, which is a 10-millimeter acetate frame. So, again, not especially heavy-looking from the front, but from the side really get that depth and kind of massive feel. So this is the time of year that normally we'd be traveling to eyewear shows. Normally, March and September are the big shows in the United States but because of the covid crisis, we're doing a lot more buying and a lot more viewing, a new product in person with the reps or online through online meetings. We're probably not going to see the world return to big international conventions, we're guessing until the fall. So we'll probably be doing it this way for a while. But in the future, we'll be doing shots like this from the eyewear shows in Las Vegas, in New York, hopefully in Paris. So we get a chance to do some international travel!