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Trends In Eyewear 2021: Part 1-Bronze Optical Gallery

Listen in as Tim of Bronze Optical Gallery talks about the upcoming eyewear trends in 2021!

I wanted to talk about it as kind of a "year of study". In contrast, there are a couple of trends. One is this brand new collection called Razor from Blackfin, and it's made from one-half millimeter thick beta titanium. So it's super flexible, super light, and really minimal. So for someone who's looking for something that's really light and minimal looking but still really solidly constructed, this Blackfin razor collection has beautiful colors. Everything they make is pure titanium. And they do like to incorporate color in different ways, so the color on the inside of the frame as opposed to the outside of a frame. So you pick up that color as you turn and then the kind of the opposite trend which you're seeing from a lot of different vendors is this really, thick acetate plate, so acetate frames like this are made from a plate of acetate, which is the plastic that we use in better plastic frames. Ordinarily, it's made from a three to four-millimeter thick plastic. This is made from carved out from a 12-millimeter thick plastic plate. So it almost gives the illusion of having a shield on the side. So we're seeing a lot of companies incorporating that. So the look is heavy, and thick as far as depth, but not in weight. So these frames are from Garrett Leight California Optical, which is exclusive to Bronze Optical in the Milwaukee metro area. No one else has it. And this is another one of their 12-millimeter thick acetate sunglasses. The other thing I like from GLCO is their matte finishes and we're seeing a lot of that and we have a lot of interest in Garret's matte finishes. And one of the great things about Garrett Leight and about working for it with independent companies like this in general, they will create a matte finish on any frame for us. So there are some frames that come standard in a matte finish, but they actually will create a matte finish on any of their frames for us. Custom made.