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Luxurious Style With Substance: Mr. Leight Eyewear Is Built To Last

Hold a pair of Mr. Leight eyeglasses in your hands, and you’ll immediately notice something looks and feels different. And that’s by design.

The Mr. Leight Collection is a luxury line of eyewear from a father-son team with many decades of experience. Larry Leight founded Oliver Peoples, long a standout in the world of eyewear trends. His son Garrett Leight owns Garrett Leight California Optical. Their Mr. Leight designs feature timeless styles that fit seamlessly into the here-and-now and take some ingenious approaches to functionality.

Each Mr. Leight eyeglass is one-of-a-kind and handcrafted in Japan; Larry Leight has been working with Japanese eyewear artisans for decades and understand how to make the most of their skills. “Everything is very deliberately designed with durability and wearability in mind,” said Bronze Optical Gallery owner Tim Moss.

In the places where eyeglasses most often come out of adjustment, which is the temple and bridge, Mr. Leight frames have been reinforced with titanium (spring in temple, plate in bridge). All components are precious metal-plated. Together with thoughtful attention to style, the difference is apparent when you try a pair on.

“I just love the luxury details — everything from the hinge plates to the eye wire to the bridge plate is just meticulously designed,” Tim said.

Thanks to the quality of materials used, the technical engineering behind each design and the highly skilled methods of assembly, Mr. Leight eyewear can last for many years to come.

They’re unique not only because of their construction and durability, but because they’re in limited, numbered editions of only 100 frames, too. The Mr. Leight eyeglasses you wear will become your unique signature.

Bronze Optical has a wide selection of Mr. Leight Collection frames you can try. Call Tim at (414) 221−7055 to make an appointment.