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Choosing the Correct Glasses for the Job

We are happy to explain the benefits of all our lens options!

Having one pair of eyeglasses to solve all of our visual needs would be great, but depending on your specific needs, you may find that having a second (or third!) pair solves all of your visual needs better. This is especially true when we are over 40, and presbyopia, the inability to focus up close, begins. A pair of glasses with progressive lenses may be great for most day-to-day activities, but people who do a lot of work at intermediate distances, like musicians or people who work on a computer all day may benefit from an occupational lens that is specially designed for work at those distances (usually 24-36 inches).

At Bronze Optical, we offer the Power Thru lens series just for those people. Whereas a typical progressive puts emphasis on large areas for distance and near correction, the Power Thrulens puts the concentration on the Intermediate correction zone. This lens offers a large, wide intermediate area for clear vision at the computer, a wide near zone at the bottom of the lens for close-up work, and a very small area at the top of the lens for distance viewing when you need it. You actually tip your head down to access the distance portion of the lens. These glasses are meant to be worn at your workspace, but not for driving or any other use when you primarily want distance vision.

In addition to computer glasses, someone who does a lot of reading may find that although a progressive lens isbest most of the time, they appreciate having a reading-only pair of glasses made in their prescription, also. At Bronze Optical, we are happy to explain the benefits of all of these lens options to help you make the best decision for your specific needs!