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Unique, Colorful and Fun: Theo Eyewear is Here!

Bronze Optical is excited to announce that it’s now carrying a line of eyewear renowned worldwide for exceptional design, craftsmanship — and playfulness.

Theo Eyewear (pronounced ​“TAY-oh”), a family-run business based in Antwerp, Belgium, has developed an avid fan base in part because it pushes the boundaries of what people expect from eyeglasses and sunglasses. “It is the most creative design team in the world,” said Bronze Optical owner Tim Moss.

Vivid hues and creative shapes are often used in unexpected combinations. Styles range from avant-garde to vintage and retro, with a variety that can work for everyday wear, special occasions or somewhere in between.

As the company describes it, each Theo design strives to incorporate a touch of humor and a bit of edge. “We aim to bring happiness in people's lives by designing eyewear that colors outside the lines to express the wearer's individuality.”

When you wear Theo eyewear, you’ll make a statement.

The quality is exceptional, too. Theo frames are handmade in Europe, using premium materials and innovative techniques. The detailing and the finishes are beautiful.

“Theo is one of those brands that develops a following,” said Tim. “There are dedicated Theo wearers all over the world who won't look at anything else.”

Tim’s a fan, too. “I have at least five pairs.”

Check out our selection of Theo frames here and schedule a visit try them on! Call (414) 221−7055.