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Blackfin Eyewear | Bronze Optical Gallery Brand Feature

Blackfin Eyewear is lightweight, durable, and embraces minimalism styles. Tim from Bronze Optical Gallery shares all the perks of having Blackfin frames.

One of our favorite titanium frame companies is Blackfin. They make frames that are either solid, pure titanium on the front, like this one, very rigid, doesn't have a lot of give to them in the front, but it's a half-millimeter thick, titanium on the temple. So they're very thin, flexible, and super lightweight. They have introduced the new Blackfin Razor collection, and the frames are made from half-wing millimeter thick Beta titanium. So the entire frame is flexible, strong, durable, and won't go out of shape even when you bend or spend it. 

This is a good opportunity also to talk about color. And I've been waiting for this to come because I love the color green and greens kind of been out eyewear for a little while and we're seeing a lot more greens from this moss green color for eyewear to this brighter almost Kelly green color. Again, from Blackfin, we're seeing greens in a lot of eyewear right now, so I'm excited about that color trend.